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    5 "Must Have" Appliances for RV Camping [+1 Bonus!]

    by Reyna Thomas

    There's nothing like camping in the great outdoors. But, we know some people aren't keen on completely giving up their modern living. So, if that's you, we'll show you how to bring bits of your home life to the woods — with the right portable appliances!

    Because space is limited, you must carefully consider your cooking and lifestyle needs before picking which appliances to bring on your next camping trip, so you don't have to rely on just junk food. But out of all your choices, these six appliances should always be on your "must-have" list!" or something.

    Portable Grills

    A grill should be at the top of your camping list for a variety of reasons. In hotter months or regions, not overheating your rig with the oven or stove reduces the strain on your air conditioner and lowers the power demand on your batteries. You'll reduce your chances of being stranded in the middle of the woods!

    You can find them in various styles like tabletop models with single propane burners, gas grills, smokers, charcoal grills, sun-powered cookers, and electric grills. Bring along the type and style that best matches your family and your favorite grillable foods.

    Group of people using portable grill outside

    Portable Induction Cooktop

    An induction cooktop is a great choice when traveling, especially if you prefer a simpler cooking solution. Induction cooktops deliver immediate heat for food preparation that is both safe and quick. Compared to conventional electric and gas stoves, this approach uses up to 70% less energy.

    And since there isn't a flame – these burners are safe to use in most environments, so you get the chance to cook in nature and leave it as you found it. They require induction-compatible cookware, so make sure you grab the right pots and pans before you go! Simply stick a magnet to the cookware. If the magnet stick, then you're good to start cooking.

    steaks cooking on portable cooktop

    Portable Washer and Dryer

    Depending on how long you plan on staying at your campsite, a portable washer and dryer is a great appliance to have at the ready. They're typically small in size but will surely come in handy after a day of hiking, swimming, or if you seem to have not packed enough clothes. You'll find all-in-one style models that double as your washer and your dryer and separate designs if all you want to bring is just a washer.

    dishes drying in the sun

    Portable Dishwasher

    Although a portable dishwasher is not a typical RV appliance, it can be a useful addition if you plan to do a lot of cooking. The first thing to think about is if you have enough space and water to accommodate it and wastewater storage capacity. But if you have suitable water storage, these dishwashers will take care of the dishes, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. In comparison to hand-washing, it also uses relatively little water, is energy efficient, and can limit your need for plastic plates.

    Space Heater

    Cold nights can be excruciating when camping — unless you have a space heater. A space heater is all you need to stay warm and cozy, no matter what type of cold temps you face. Ceramic heaters are compact and portable, and they provide a lot of heat for their size. While oil heaters take a little longer to heat up, they can hold heat for a long time and is energy efficient.

    mom and son relaxing in camper


    If you plan on camping in a humid area, carry a dehumidifier with you to make your camper more comfortable. In humid climates, the small space of an RV can make the humidity feel unbearable, especially while you're cooking or showering. Add in rain days or hot, muggy weather that can cause mildew and mold growth, too much humidity can really ruin your camping trip. But with a dehumidifier, you can keep everything nice and comfortable, no matter where you travel.

    Portable appliances are so much more than just handy gadgets.  They use technology and clever design to keep meal prep and cleanup to a minimum while maximizing your comfort and outdoor fun.

    Finding the best portable appliances for your RV needs doesn't have to be confusing. Rely on the experts at Richard Appliance for help! We can help you find the right appliances to enhance your next camping trip, from ice makers to grills to cooktops, and more! Got questions? Give us a call or stop in for further assistance!