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    What to Expect with Your New Appliance Purchase

    by Ann Ferguson

    Did you just shop local from your favorite appliance store? Are you wondering what to expect from your new appliance, whether a new refrigerator, range, dishwasher, or dryer? We’ll help take out the mystery of what to expect, including preparing for delivery and keeping your latest appliance investment pristine.

    Prepare for Delivery  

    Your brand-new appliance is finally on its way! Make sure to prepare for your delivery by clearing all hallways and doorways that lead to the kitchen or laundry room (depending on your appliance), and move any tripping hazards. Then after your space is cleared, measure all your hallways and doorways against your appliance measurements to be sure you have the room to maneuver tight corners.

    Once you have your measurements in place, make a list of everything you need for installation, whether that’s a 3-pronged outlet, a water line for a refrigerator, or a gas line for a cooking appliance.

    If you need more guidance, check out our refrigerator delivery video for more specifics.

    Beat the Learning Curve 

    Are you thinking about preparing to install your appliance or mulling over those brand-new features you’ve never tried before? What should you keep in mind when getting a built-in appliance installed? If you’re installing your own new appliance purchase, how do you know which parts connect to what? And once it’s installed, how exactly do you get your range or oven to Air Fry something?

    That’s where the user manual comes in. Each manual should outline how to safely enable each feature on your new appliance and make your day-to-day a little easier. But if for some reason your manual is missing, or you’ve lost it (we know, you put it down for just a second!), be sure to check our product page for a downloadable version.

    But if you’re more of a visual person, you can always look up what you need on YouTube. Videos like the one below, What to Expect with a Cooktop, provide helpful visuals and simplify that diagram you’ve been staring at for an hour (we’ve all been there).

    If you’re looking for vendor-specific videos, we suggest searching YouTube for the brand name and the specific product or a feature of that product you bought. Alternatively, give us a call and we’re happy to help you sort out your questions.

    Tips to Keep Your New Investment Pristine 

    Buying a brand-new appliance is an investment—so here are a few tips on what you need to keep your refrigerator, oven, or laundry pair pristine!

    Oven Tips

    Whether you have a built-in wall oven or a slide-in range, oven maintenance can be time-consuming. But with an oven liner, you can cut down on the amount of build-up directly on your oven walls. When it’s time to clean your oven, you can remove the liner, then rub your oven down with your choice of cleaner. Violà! Your oven is sleek and shiny again!

    Another tip for your cooking area is a gap guard: If if your range isn’t quite flush with your countertops, a gap guard will prevent food from falling through the cracks.

    Refrigerator Tips

    Did you know you can use liners on your refrigerator shelves too? Make cleaning out your food drips and spills easier with a removable shelf liner, and extend the brand-new look of your shelves.

    Another fridge-organization tip, especially if you’re tired of everyone moving your drinks from where you placed them, is to  organize your fridge with a beverage holder so all your soft drinks stay chilled in one place.

    Laundry Tips

    With laundry appliances, it’s easy to think that you won’t have to do any maintenance. But there are a few things you can do to keep your new washer and dryer in tip-top shape.

    For your washer, you can avoid that mildew smell by leaving the lid open after every wash. Make sure your curious cat or climbing toddler can’t reach the top of the washer!

    Dryer maintenance is pretty simple: just remember to clean your lint trap regularly to avoid any fire hazards and to ensure your clothes come out dry the first time. Don’t forget to wipe off any lint that falls on your washer or dryer surface to reduce your home’s allergens.

    Ask Us Anything!

    Have any more questions about your new appliance? Are you concerned about your delivery or installation? Give us a call—we’re happy to help guide you through whatever you need to make your home appliance purchase a smooth experience.